Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid (Nathan David) Rabinowich is an esteemed  Rabbi from Brooklyn, New York, who has touched the lives of several thousand people through his lectures on Jewish history, his vast writings  as well as thirteen-critically acclaimed books.

In 1977, he received his Bachelors degree in Jewish History from the City University of New York.  He obtained his first Rabbinic Ordination from Ponevez Yeshivah in Bnei-brak, Israel a year later and his second Rabbinic Ordination from Mesifta Talmudical Seminary in Brooklyn in 1980. That same year he also received a Master of Arts degree from New York University. For the following three years, he was a Research Fellow in Talmudic studies at Mir Talmudical Institute in Jerusalem, Israel. He completed his PhD in Classical Jewish History and Rabbinic Literature from New York University in 1997.

He possesses a unique synthesis of the highest standards of traditional Talmudic scholarship [Lomdus], having studied in the Ponevez and Brisk Yeshivot, combined with expertise as a Jewish historian, specializing in the Geonic and Medieval Periods. With this incredible depth and breadth of knowledge, he brings a unique “kosher” critical approach to Jewish texts. This combination of brilliance and expertise makes Rabbi Dr. Nathan David Rabinowich a sought after speaker and lecturer, and a rare Talmud Chacham in our generation.

Most recently, Rabbi Dr. Nathan David Rabinowich has been working on the creation of this new website, which he is proud to officially launch. Visitors can view the many accomplishments of the Rabbi, read his blog, see published and unpublished articles, read testimonials from other leading Rabbis regarding Rabinowich and browse his photo gallery. Rabbinic testimonials include Shlomo Goren, former Chief Rabbi of Israel who wrote this about Nathan David as a young rabbi:

“I am publicizing with this the tremendous value of the young prodigy, totally sweet and pleasant, young in years but with great capabilities and with diligence in Torah, Nosson David Rabinowich, who has toiled in Torah both in the USA and in Israel and he’s attained an excellent level of producing original and deep Talmudic novellae. I have had both long and short discussions with him in our great House of Study, ““Kommemiyut Avraham”” in various subjects, in Talmud and the Authorities, and have clearly seen that he possesses great depth, has a very logical mind and is an expert and knowledgeable in many Talmudie topics. With God’s help, if he will continue his diligence at the ““doors of Torah””, he will certainly be a great Torah scholar and have much fear of God. With a blessing to ““go up and be successful”” and glorify the Torah and the nation.”

Aside from his own academic career, Rabinowich has also spent countless hours in college classrooms as an instructor. In 1982, he worked as an instructor of Talmudic studies at Bar-Illan University. At Ahavath Torah Institute in Brooklyn, he was the Dean and Rabbi from 1992-2013. At Brooklyn College in 2008, he was an instructor of Medieval Jewish History. At Fordham University and Hofstra University, he was adjunct instructor of Talmudic studies from 2008-2010. In his spare time he enjoys teaching Real Estate courses to aspiring professionals.

As former CEO and Scholar in Residence for Jewish Heritage Tours (JHT), he successfully managed and led Glatt Kosher Tours in Africa, Canada and Western Europe, providing participants with the experiences of a lifetime.

Most recently, Rabbi Dr. Nathan David Rabinowich has been working as the Executive Director of JHT in Brooklyn. He is excited to announce this online venture, which reflects all of his past accomplishments while creating opportunities to reach and inspire others.

Selected published books by Rabbi Rabinowich 

  • English Translation of “The Iggeres of Rav Sherira Gaon
  • R. Natan David Rabinowitz, בִּינוּ שְׁנֹות דֹּור־וָדֹור (Binu shenot dor-va-dor, “consider the years of many generations”) 1984
  • Be’airot Natan, (Hebrew), Bar Nedorai Publications, Bnei Brak, 1980 (Novellae on Seder Moed and Seder Kodashim)
  • Ve’eleh Ha’Dvorim She’nemru L’Dovid, (Hebrew), Bar Nedorai Publications, Jerusalem, 1983 (Hassidic Work)
  • Binu Shnot Dor Vador: Studies in Jewish History and Talmudic Literature in The Second Commonwealth Period, (Hebrew), Feldheim Publications, Jerusalem, 1985
  • The Iggeret of Rav Sherira Gaon, (English), Moznaim Publications, Jerusalem, 1988 (first-ever English translation)
  • Talmudic Terminology, (English), Moznaim Publications, Jerusalem, 1987, 1988. (an adaptation of M. Meilziner’s classic)
  • The Iggeret of Rav Sherira Gaon, (Hebrew), Moznaim Publications, Jerusalem, 1991.(first-ever Hebrew translation)
  • Second Letter of Rav Sherira Gaon, (Hebrew), New York, 1992.
  • The Responsa of Rav Sherira ben Chanina Gaon, (Hebrew), Vol. I, Jerusalem, 1999.
  • Talmudic Terminology, (New and Revised 3rd Edition), (English), Moznaim Publications, Jerusalem, 1996.
  • Safra V’Saifa, The Battle of the Chasam Sofer against Early Reform Judaism (Hebrew), Ahavath Torah Institute, Jerusalem, 2003 (First edition); Jerusalem, 2004 (Second edition), 2005 (Third edition)
  • Reshimat Teshuvot Rav Sherira Gaon (Hebrew), Ahavath Torah Institute, New York, 2007