Yartzheit of the Partzeva Rebbe (OBM)- Rebbe Nosson Dovid Rabinowich (7 Shevat 5778/January 23, 2018)

The Upcoming Commemoration of the  Yartzheit of the Partzeva Rebbe (OBM), Rebbe Nosson Dovid Rabinowich, ( 7 Shevat 5778/January 23, 2018) .

On  Tuesday evening ,7 Shevat, 5777 (1/23/18), at 8:30 pm, the yarzheit of the Partzeve Rebbe will be  commemorated by his grandchildren and sponsored by his grandsons, the Dinover Rebbe, shlita and Rabbi Dr. Nathan David Rabinowich , at a “tish” in the Dinover Beis Medrash at 77 Wallabout Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

It is now eighty-eight years since his passing and B”H he has even merited a fifth generation of religious grandchildren! Although many of his children, Dr. Rabinowich’s uncles and aunts, perished in the Holocaust, five of them miraculously survived those terrible years and have left a few generations of descendants, some of them who are still Shomer Shabbat! It is not very known but the Partzever Rebbe  zt”l probably led the third or fourth leading Hassidic Court in Poland. Of course, Ger was #1, followed closely by the Alexander  Court.

Those that perished in the holocaust (May Hashem avenge their deaths) :

  • From his first wife, Leah Raizel, daughter of Rebbe Yechiel Yaakov of Koznitz  
    1. Faige Gittel, her husband, R’ Aaron of Stolin  ( Warsaw Ghetto;11 Menachem Av ,1942)
    2. Reb Moshe Yechiel Elimelech Rabinowich,Admor of Lebertov and his wife Chaya Miriam and children Yitzchok, Chaim and Raizel (Shabbat Kodesh, 27 Sivan 1941)
  • From his second wife, Yuta , of blessed memory, the daughter of Rebbe Moshe Yehuda Leib Shapira of Strizow(d. 2 Marcheshvan, 1918)
    1. Yaakov Yitzchak , Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, April 1943
    2. Reb Yerachmiel Yisrael Yoseph Danziger ,son of the last Alexander Rebbe, the “Akeidas Yitzchak” ,his wife  Tova Chava and three children (Treblinka; 23 Elul, 1942)

The Partzeva Rebbe left his “Divrei Torah” in manuscript and were first published in 1983, fifty-three (= Gan Eden) years after his death, by Rabbi Dr. Nathan David Rabinowich. In 2012 ,  Dr. Rabinowich published a second edition with many additions including one of the most complete genealogical compilations dealing with Polish rabbis and Admorim. It also includes a fascinating essay entitled: “Partzeva of Below and Partzeva of Above” by the Partzeva’s  son, the former Munkatcher Rebbe, Rebbe Baruch Y.Y. Rabinowich, ZT”L. This new edition, published with the enthusiastic support of the popular Torah supporter , Reb Tzvi Ysrael Snider Esq., of Baltimore, includes a beautiful introduction to the genealogical section, elaborating on the importance of  ‘holy lineage, ’ by the Munkatcher Rebbe, mentioned earlier.


                                        May the Partzeva Rebbe’s  holy memory be blessed.

Newest Publication from Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich

This past Thursday, on the 20th anniversary of the passing of his beloved father, Rebbe Yehudah Leib, of blessed memory, Dr. Rabinowich’s latest work was published. The title actually says it all: “A Refutation of the Chapter Division of the Torah; A Renewed Call for its Removal.”

Publication from Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich
This much- acclaimed work proves that the chapter division of the Bible (=all three sections) is of Christian origin and is based upon ignorance, intentional or unintentional , of the Talmud’s interpretation of the Biblical text, an attempt to introduce Christian beliefs and ,sometimes, a simple misunderstanding of the text.

The Orthodox world has been taken by a storm by this latest work since many Orthodox Jews had absolutely no idea about this travesty. Dr. Rabinowich ,in his fascinating book, attempts to also show how this Christian division has, unfortunately, become standard and accepted in all our texts – Bibles ,Talmud and practically all our books – since the first printing of Bibles in Venice in the early 15th century. Rabbi Rabinowich also quotes all the Orthodox rabbis, throughout the last five hundred years, who have spoken out against our use of the chapter division and he challenges today’s Rabbinic leadership to encourage its removal. He suggest a step by step approach, to be implemented by congregations , schools and publishers , to eventually accomplish this crucial goal, in his opinion.

On a personal note,Rabbi Rabinowich dedicated this latest publication to merit the holy soul of his recently-departed mentor and uncle, a ninety-nine year old Holocaust survivor, who was one of the few surviving pre-Holocaust Pressburg (= Bratislava,Czeckslovokia) Jews in the world: Rabbi Eliezer Fishoff !

Newest Publication from Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich

The book is available at better bookshops and can also be ordered by writing to : Rabbir26@gmail.com ($12 per book {plus $3 for shipping and handling})

Partzeva seudas yartzeit /melava malka to be held this Motzoei Shabbos at Dinov

I would like to inform you about the Partzeva seudas yartzeit /melava malka to be held this Motzoei Shabbos at Dinov (77 Wallabout) at 8:45 pm sharp; bentching at 9:45 pm. Please spread the word to all the einiklech. May our holy zaide be a mailitz yosher for all of us and Klal Yisrael.
Encl. is a sad, fascinating letter written by Feter Baruch upon his visit to his mother in Warsaw,1935 for his father’s(the Partzeva )Yartzeit.