The Novella​e​ and Responsa of the Gaon​,​ Harav Avrohom Aaron Yudelovich​,​ of blessed memory​: “Chidushei Bais Av”

One of the greatest American rabbis ​e​ver: Rabbi Abraham Aaron Yudelewich of the Eldridge Street Schul in the Lower East Side (d. 1930). This book is about his life and work . He is very unknown because he​,unfortunately, died a​ very ​ controversial man. Rabbi Nathan David Rabinowich has dedicat​ed​ a large part of his life to publicize him and his works. Rabbi Abraham Aaron Yudelewich was the first Orthodox Rabbi to visit a president at the White House. In the photo, Rabbi Abraham Aaron Yudelewich is on the right. They went to visit ​President ​Coolidge in 1924.