An Unforgettable Shavuos in Magnificent Italy

Jewish Heritage Tours is sponsoring  a wonderful vacation this Shavuot (6/6 -6/11) @ The Grand Hotel Michelacci  in the gorgeous coastal town of Gabbice Mare, located right on the  eternally serene and  soothing  Adriatic Sea . Gabicce Mare reflects  the  changing face of nature: Over a few kilometres,  sandy, beautiful  beaches alternate  on the coast with inlets of rocky gorges and small  coves that overlook  the deep waters of the sea, ideal for scuba diving. Nearby is the tiny tourist harbour of Vallugola and the ancient legendary Roman city Valbruna with its underwater harbour.

Jewish Heritage Tours will take care of your travel & transfer needs, including a direct flight to Bologna from JFK, arriving June 6 and VIP transfer to the hotel.

Renowned all along the Adriatic coast  for its excellent facilities and classy service, this state of art hotel is located on the promenade of Gabicce Mare, one of the most elegant seaside resorts in Italy. Facilities include a large indoor heated pool, as well as two full  size outdoor swimming pools and a kiddie pool. The internationally-acclaimed Beauty Centre on premises offers customers hydro massages, sauna, two Turkish baths and a selection of beauty and health treatments. A beautiful synagogue and well-stocked Beis Medrash is also available.

Delicious Glatt kosher (pat and Chalav Yisrael) cuisine will be served thrice daily under the strict Rabbinical supervision of the Milan Rabbinate supervised by Rav Yitzchak Belinow and his dedicated staff of Mashgichim. A wonderful , properly run, tea room, Italian- style will be available 24/7 .

Harav Dr. Nosson Dovid  Rabinowich, a leading Talmid  Chacham, Historian, prolific author of important scholarly works, popular lecturer and expert Italian guide is scheduled to serve as Rav and Scholar-in-Residence during Shavuos [ and on the weekends of 7/18-7/20 & 8/22- 8/24 ]. He will be giving Daf Yomi, lomdishe shiurim, lectures on Jewish history and sermons in the synagogue throughout this program. He has also offered to take the guests on a wonderful day [early departure with our lunch boxes in hand] of touring to Florence on Erev Yom Tov (only 2.5 hours away!) to visit the Great Synagogue there and spend a few hours strolling through that fascinating city. On Wednesday (6/11), Isru Chag, he will take the group on a short tour of the hot spots of Le Marche: San Marino, Europe’s oldest Republic; Pesaro, the home of the the first printing of the Talmud and Fano, the residence of the great Kabbalist, Rebbe Azaraya de Fano. There will be ample time for touring since the return flight to the USA leaves @ 4:45 pm , arriving in JFK at 7:50 pm.

Friday, the day of arrival, the afternoon will be devoted to hotel orientation, discovering the beach and some quaint shopping in town, with candle-lighting no later than 7:37 pm, enough time for all the above. On Motzoei Shabbos, there are a variety of shows and musical entertainment in the area . Art enthusiasts can also enjoy a Mini Montmartre, where dozens of painters and sculptors work and converse with the public. A charming road zigzags up to Gabicce Monte, part of the Mount San Bartolo Regional Park, set up in 1994. From there a breathtaking panorama can be enjoyed, as the mountain blossoms offer a colourful contrast to the absolutely crystal-clear waters of the coast.

The all-inclusive 5 night (6 day) package with airfare from New York and one free transfer (tours are not included but are very reasonable) ranges from  as low as  $1799 to $2199 to $2399 PP/DO, depending on accommodation level. Children under twelve y/o receive up to a  40% discount on hotel stay in parents’ room !  Other children discounts available. These prices include taxes and gratuities.

Due to last year’s tremendous success, the hotel will once again be also offering a kosher program throughout the summer . Indeed, reservations can be made for a hotel stay only or as an extension to one of Jewish Heritage Tour’s excursions to Italy or even Spain.

Call JEWISH HERITAGE TOURS NOW to reserve for Shavuos or for your summer vacation at their unbelievable EARLYBIRD rates:1-514-702-4292 or 514-924-9447 ; www.AHAVATHTORAH.COM ; . Space is very limited.

The dedicated staff at Grand Hotel Michelacci, will aim to turn your holiday into a relaxing and unforgettable period in your life. Whatever your interests are, they will endeavour to provide  you with assistance : from excursions of Jewish historical interest,  art  and music events,  recreational sports to tailored prices and use of the Beauty Centre,etc. In short, everything you need for an ideal vacation !


Our prices include hotel stay, air & hotel transfer, taxes and gratuities ! Does not include any tours or airport transfer.

Accommodation (pp/do) :

A) 3*Maremonti residence (50m from hotel) :$1899 ; B) 4*residence (across the street from hotel) : $2199 ; C) Hotel : $ 2399

Land only (pp/do): A) $165 B) $200 C) $220


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