Nathan David Rabinowich: Author and Expert Lecturer

Nathan David Rabinowich, a native of Brooklyn, has authored thirteen critically acclaimed scholarly books, including several articles. He is a specialist in Jewish History and has extensive teaching experience at both the secondary school and university levels.

Nathan has traveled to Morocco nine times. Nathan David Rabinowich believes that anyone visiting Morocco will have the chance to appreciate a land known for its Grand Imperial cities, royal residences, and exquisite gardens. Morocco is a land with rich culture, several mosques, lively markets, white sandy shorelines, and archeological wonders. One of the most important things a traveler to Morocco will experience is the hospitality of the people. A few of the Moroccan cities have a vibrant Jewish society, including areas such as Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, Meknes, Marrakech, Volubilis, Sali, Azamour, and Rabat.

Nathan David Rabinowich is an experienced lecturer, having addressed numerous audiences around the world. Nathan has provided exceptional leadership as a CEO and as a Scholar in Residence for such ventures as the Jewish Heritage Tours to Africa, Canada, and Western Europe.

Nosson Dovid Rabinowich has long been committed to learning and has endeavored to make scholastic progress all through his educational profession. While he was in Brooklyn, he enlisted at Mesifta Talmudical Seminary, and after his Mesifta residency he went to the Mir Talmudical Institute in Jerusalem, Israel, to further his studies. Nathan is appreciative for his exceptional blend of academia, not just as a student and mentor, but also as a person with vast expertise in Jewish history and tradition.