Nathan David Rabinowich: Top Things to do in Morocco

Nathan David Rabinowich, the Executive Director of Jewish Heritage Tours, has organized and coordinated several group tours to Morocco. Morocco, nestled in the northern tip of Africa is a North African country bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The country is distinguished by its European, Arabian and Berber cultural influences. Marrakesh’s medina offers unique entertainment in the Djemaa el-Fna square, and the souks are excellent places where tourists can pick up some beautiful traditional ceramics, jewelry, and other items. There are several interesting things to do in Morocco, Nathan David Rabinowich recommends trying out the following few things while you are in Morocco.

Cooking Traditional Moroccan Food

One of the best things about traveling to different parts of the world is that you can get to enjoy different cuisines. When you are visiting Morocco, you can not only enjoy delicious Moroccan food, but you can learn how to cook traditional Moroccan food. Moroccan cuisine is influenced by French cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Arabic Andalusian cuisine, and native Berber cuisine. If you like to learn how to cook a traditional Moroccan dish, you will need to head over to one of the Riads and take a cooking class and learn how to cook. The cooking classes last for a half day, and you will have the chance to buy fresh ingredients from the local market to make a traditional couscous and tagine dish.

Overnight in the Sahara Desert

Nathan David Rabinowich has been to Morocco several times, and one of the best things you can experience in Morocco is spending a few nights in the Sahara desert. The Moroccan Sahara desert is a magical place that allows visitors to experience the breathtaking Saharan sandscape in Merzouga, a small area south of Erfoud. The best way to explore the Moroccan Sahara desert is by camel. However, if you prefer other means of transport, you can choose the 4×4.