Newest Publication from Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich

This past Thursday, on the 20th anniversary of the passing of his beloved father, Rebbe Yehudah Leib, of blessed memory, Dr. Rabinowich’s latest work was published. The title actually says it all: “A Refutation of the Chapter Division of the Torah; A Renewed Call for its Removal.”

Publication from Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich
This much- acclaimed work proves that the chapter division of the Bible (=all three sections) is of Christian origin and is based upon ignorance, intentional or unintentional , of the Talmud’s interpretation of the Biblical text, an attempt to introduce Christian beliefs and ,sometimes, a simple misunderstanding of the text.

The Orthodox world has been taken by a storm by this latest work since many Orthodox Jews had absolutely no idea about this travesty. Dr. Rabinowich ,in his fascinating book, attempts to also show how this Christian division has, unfortunately, become standard and accepted in all our texts – Bibles ,Talmud and practically all our books – since the first printing of Bibles in Venice in the early 15th century. Rabbi Rabinowich also quotes all the Orthodox rabbis, throughout the last five hundred years, who have spoken out against our use of the chapter division and he challenges today’s Rabbinic leadership to encourage its removal. He suggest a step by step approach, to be implemented by congregations , schools and publishers , to eventually accomplish this crucial goal, in his opinion.

On a personal note,Rabbi Rabinowich dedicated this latest publication to merit the holy soul of his recently-departed mentor and uncle, a ninety-nine year old Holocaust survivor, who was one of the few surviving pre-Holocaust Pressburg (= Bratislava,Czeckslovokia) Jews in the world: Rabbi Eliezer Fishoff !

Newest Publication from Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich

The book is available at better bookshops and can also be ordered by writing to : ($12 per book {plus $3 for shipping and handling})

Succot and the Chasam Sofer at Honor’s Haven Resort



Once again, “Destinations”, directed by Yossi Zablocki, sponsored a wonderful program this past Succot at one of the most beautiful hotels in the Catskill Mountains in New York, Honor’s Haven. One of the highlights of any of Desinations’ wonderful programs is the various lectures offered by prominent rabbis and scholars. Rabbi Dr. Nathan David Rabinowich, a noted rabbi and scholar was invited to deliver two lectures during the first and last days. They were well-received, especially since the topic dealt with a ‘curious’ but unknown aspect of the Chasam Sofer (1762-1839): his personal life. Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich showed how many men in the Chasam Sofer’s family either did not marry at all or married at a very late age. Some of the Shuddichim are very difficult to comprehend: for example – the Chasam Sofer, at the age of twenty-four, married a childless widow who was forty-two years old! Dr. Rabinowich also compared the three wives of the Chasam Sofer and the Chasam Sofer’s relationship to each one. At the end of the lecture, he discussed the fact that the Chasam Sofer remarried at the age of fifty and begot twelve children. Simply amazing. Dr. Rabinowich also discussed the Chasam Sofer’s relationship with his six daughters, his father-in-law, the holy Rabbi Akiva Eiger, his parents and his Rebbe, Rov Nosson Adler. The lectures will continue, G-d willing, on Chanukkah.

To learn more about the Chasam Sofer, see Rabbi Dr. Nathan David Rabinowich’s book , “Safra v’Sayfa”. To order a copy, please call 347-309-8485.


Rabbi Dr. Rabinowich’s Visit to Debrecen, Hungary, 1984


Debrecen Hungary Synagogue

Rabbi Dr. Rabinowich often tells his students about his visits to “communist” Hungary and Czechoslovakia. He loves to discuss his visit to Debrecen, Hungary in 1984. It as 11 a.m., on a May morning as he entered the main synagogue of the city, weraring his usual Rabbinic attire. Sitting at the back table, all in their late 80’s, quickly placed their hands under the table with their playing cards safely out of sight, or so they thought. Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich had seen their sneaky move and was very amused but said nothing. He then approached the eldest of the group, probably the dealer, and asked him all about Jewish life in Debrecen.

Rabbi Rabinowich was brought to tears when he heard from the leader/dealer, that there is a minyan every boker and erev (morning and evening). Rabbi Nosson Dovid Rabinowich took out an excellent bottle of vodka from his suitcase in the car and proceeded to have a beautiful l’chaim with his new found friends.

When he took leave from them, he told them in all sincerity, that Hashem is so delighted with them when they come to play cards in the shul the entire morning.

Hashem wants his ‘home’ to be occupied as much as possible.

Rabbi Rabinowich plans on arranging Jewish Heritage Tours to visit all of these wonderful history-laden cities in North Hungary and focus on the synagogues, some that may still be standing. The main synagogue in Debrecen is still standing in 2015! Hashem has not abandoned us.

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Fascinating New Insights Into the Life of the holy Chasam Sofer!


Spent a wonderful first days of Sukkos at the “Destination” program at Honors Haven hotel in Ellenville, New York. Chazanim Braun and Kiss provided inspirational tefillos. I had the pleasure of delivering a lecture Tuesday afternoon introducing fascinating new insights into the life of the holy Chasam Sofer (1762-1839). I made the following points:

1) The Chasam Sofer left Frankfurt with his Rebbe, Rabbi Noson Adler, in approximately 1779, at the age of 17, after a “fight” with his father. Incidentally, his father died shortly after he left Frankfurt in 1779.

2) He did not see his mother, Raizel, from 1779 until she died in 1823 although Pressburg was a distance of only three weeks. This behavior is not understandable and requires explanation.

3) The Chasam Sofer’s brother, Yozsef, married his niece Childa at a late age. When he died in 1822, instead of the Chasam Sofer traveling to Frankfurt to facilitate the mitzvah of Chalitzah, his niece Childa came to Pressburg. Although the Halacha seems to require the sister-in-law to travel to the brother-in-laws’s city for the Chalitzah ceremony, the custom has always been that the “Choletz” is the one who travels. As in the case with his mothers passing, an explanation is needed. Perhaps, the Chasam Sofer requested permission from the Pressburg Beis Din for travel and they simply did not allow it. He was “needed” 24/7.

4) He had two brothers who both married late in life; Reb Shimon got married in 1814 when he was forty-six years old while his older brother Yozsef, married his niece (his and the Chosam Sofer’s younger sister’s daughter) Childa when he was fifty years old.

Stay tuned…more fascinating insights coming soon!