An internationally-acclaimed hotel/ski resort/hotel in Quebec has once again opened its welcoming doors to a glatt kosher clientele. Hotel “Mont Gabriel “ in Saint Adele in the Laurentians; 45 minutes northwest of Montreal, under the sponsorship of the popular Jewish Heritage Tours, will be hosting a Chanuka/ski vacation 12/21-12/25 (additional days possible).

The Chanukah program includes the hotel’s gorgeous, spacious rooms, delicious American /Canadian fare with delicacies of every kind, excellent French/Canadian hotel service and is under the very strict supervision of the MK. A warm Shabbos atmosphere with plenty of Zemiros and stimulating lectures, including a very enjoyable Friday night Oneg Shabbat, is always to be found at the hotel. Inspiring Ba’alei Tefilla, wonderful Daf Yomi shiurim, nightly entertainment for adults and kids, indoor pool, masso-therapy and body care center ,spa/ jacuzzi and state of the art fitness center plus a free, properly- equipped, professional day camp , are only some of this excellent four star hotel’s internal attractions for its Jewish clientele.

As far as winter sports is concerned, Jewish Heritage Tours offers its guests free d/n skiing on Thursday, Friday & Saturday night (very reasonable vouchers available for Sunday and Monday [Under 5 y/o: free] @ hotel’s 18 GORGEOUS DOWNHILL TRAILS (AND 7 LIFTS) ; free ice-skating ; SNOWTUBING (4 SEPARATE TRAILS), a Beginners’ Snowpark and a ski school.

The Rav of Jewish Heritage Tours, Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich, will also serve as Scholar-in-Residence for the Chanukah program.

The Executive Director of Jewish Heritage Tours also noted in a recent press release that very low r/t air fare from New York City, Newark and Toronto, for the Chanukah program , is now available.

Reservations are now in full swing for the Chanukah Program (12/21-12/25), and, of course, the PESACH 5767 vacation. Reserve now: 1-888-253-9167 / 917-753-5178; CANADA: Chana: 514-924-9447 ;or E-mail:Jewisheritagetours@hotmail.com. According to the Executive Director, you may take advantage of the Early- Bird Pesach rates until December 31, 2006.

Another perspective on “other gods”

In my previous blog post, “Other Gods”, I posed a difficulty with Onkelos’ inconsistent translation of “other gods” in both verses in which they appear in the Ten Commandments.

After discussing my problem with my beloved Chavrusa, Rabbi Heshy Lowey, he shared an excellent explanation. Both verses read, “There shall not be to you other gods in my presence.” The term “Al Panai” is very problematic and Rashi offers his interpretation. According to Rashi, the intention of the verse is not to maintain idols in one’s possession ever. The Ramban claims, (in his commentary to Exodus), the Torah is saying we may not have besides Hashem other gods (elohim); we may not accept or believe in other gods and that includes all the angels on high and from among all the hosts of heaven, who are called elohim.

The Ramban concludes his thesis by saying that his argument is supported by Onkelos who translates: “You shall not have another god besides me.” Onkelos could not have understood the prohibition to be against possessing idols, as Rashi suggests, for then the words “besides me” would have no meaning. Rabbi Lowey suggested that the same argument can be used as to why Onkelos could not have translated :“the mistake of the nations,” as he usually does.