Letter of Recommendation From Rabbi Moses Feinstein

The young scholar, Horam Ho’fam Nosson Dovid Rabinowich shlita, has appeared before me with his book, Be’aros Nassam, in which he gathered all his articles published in various journals and monthlies and wants to place them in a book of his novella. Since he has already written a work about the Second Temple Period, which has been promised by Rabbis and established him as a scholar, I, therefore, feel it is a good thing to gather all [the articles] into his own “personal property.”

I hope that this work will be accepted by rabbis and their students. And through this [work] love of Torah learning and God fearingness will grow.

I sign this on the 22nd of MauCheshvam, 5740 in New York.

Moshe Feinstein